3 Ways to Stay Fit While in Africa

Travelling the world for long periods at a time means adjusting well to a different culture. This didn’t stop Tatiana Kukanova Regan from finding ways how to stay physically and mentally fit while in different environments. While in Africa, she discovered the following activities to be suitable for all types of fitness enthusiasts:
1.Running This is one easy way to stay in great shape since it’s something you do even at home. Not that this is new but in South Africa, you’ll be surprised to see that many people join running clubs. The upside about joining is that you get to meet people who are as enthusiastic as you are.
Western Cape adds a twist to its running clubs. They’ve combined it with another activity that’s surely a favorite: wine-tasting. Instead of having water breaks, they have wine-tasting breaks. Many wine farms host events like this.
2.Dancing This may also sound like it’s nothing new but there’s a global movement known as the Secret Sunrise. There are guided sessions fo…

An Introduction to Jeju Island, South Korea

Tatiana Kukanova - A lot of people have been falling in love with South Korea because of its music and their television series. A number of people are booking their trips to this country every month to experience each season and to relive the moments depicted on the dramas they used to watch - or even just to watch their favorite singer. Aside from Seoul and Busan and other provinces and districts in the country, one of the best places to visit in South Korea is Jeju Island.
Jeju Island is the biggest island of South Korea with a region of 1849 sq km. It is additionally one of the nine areas of the nation and the littler of every one of them. It was framed because of a volcanic ejection. Jeju City is the capital of Jeju Island.
Additionally, it has the tallest mountain in South Korea with tallness of 6,400 feet. Halla Mountain is the key milestone of this island. This island has a mild atmosphere and it once in a while falls underneath the point of solidification, not even in winters.…

A Mommy Working out at home

Tatiana Kukanova Regan, being a mom realizes that it's still important to get fit and be healthy no matter what age you are in and wherever you are. That's why she continually search for answers around the world on how to workout without even breaking your bank and without even going out.
How do you work out if you are a mom who stays at home most of the time?
1. Get your own room where you can work out.
With kids at home and for someone who have toddlers, working out would be a challenge. That is why it is better if you get yourself a room dedicated for your at-home workouts.
Having a mini gym at home will make you feel more responsible and it will wake up that inner self of yours who don't want to jog once you see your treadmill and dumbells staring back at you.
2. Get much use of the internet by streaming online workouts
Don't play candy crush or any online games on your workout time. Instead, stream online workouts that might be beneficial for both your body and mind. …